Programme led by

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, 123 St Stephens Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

Lan Wei

Research Fellow
SFI Centre: FutureNeuro
RCSI - University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Domain / Application Expertise


Dr Lan Wei completed her undergraduate degree, BSc in Physics at Yanbian University, an MSc in Computer Science at University College Dublin and a PhD in Computer Science at University College Dublin. Her doctoral research involved the automatic detection and characterisation of seizures and sleep spindles in electroencephalograms using machine learning.

As part of her NeuroInsight postdoctoral fellowship under the supervision of Professor Catherine Mooney, she will develop a deep learning-based biomarker for the diagnosis and classification of epilepsy from paediatric EEG. The biomarker will be incorporated into a webserver to facilitate clinicians in the diagnosis and classification of epilepsy, allowing them to consider the most appropriate therapies sooner for these children, improving their outcomes and reducing health care burdens.

Research Keywords
EEG, Machine Learning, Epilepsy, Paediatric